Thursday, February 25, 2016

February Gold

A warm February day caused a gold rush in my garden. Besides my species crocus, the hybrid Dutch crocus planted at the base of the redbud tree were showing golden flower buds. And the aptly named 'February Gold' daffodils have begun to bloom, just a couple of flowers, but lots of buds still to come.
All are waiting for sunshine and warmth to really put on a show.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

My Sleepy Garden

I thought my garden was sound asleep this first week in February. But I was wrong!
I was raking up the tree branches in my front yard after the January blizzard. As I bent down to pick up some twigs, something bright caught my eye. My little species crocus had golden flower buds just waiting for some sunshine to burst into bloom. They are always the first flowers to bloom in my garden and live up to the name snow crocus. But I think this is the earliest I have seen flower buds. Usually they begin to bloom in late February. Our warm November and December have hurried them along. I love seeing the first glimpses of spring despite knowing that more cold and snow will accompany the rest of winter.